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For starters

What is Spotlunch?

Face-to-face networking during lunch - that's what Spotluch is all about! Why at lunch? Because lunchtime meetings usually fit into people's schedules better.
Use Spotlunch to make new friends and expand your network. We arrange lunches for groups of four people to maximize networking.

What is a Spotlunch community?

Spotlunch groups are created within a community. You can have a community based on any common interest. Communities are always local since members have to meet for lunch; unless you want to do a virtual lunch:)

The creator of the community is assigned as the community manager, although you can have additional community managers.

What if I can’t make it to lunch?

Spotlunches are scheduled a week in advance. Once groups are selected, members can select their available days. You can also suspend your account at anytime.