For starters

  • What is Spotlunch?

    Face-to-face networking during lunch - that's what Spotluch is all about! Why at lunch? Because lunchtime meetings usually fit into people's schedules better.

    Use Spotlunch to make new friends and expand your network. We arrange lunches for groups of four people to maximize networking.

  • How does it work?

    People join communities at Spotlunch. Based on the settings of each community or user, a matching algorithm creates groups of four people at a regular interval, say once a week. These groups can meet for lunch and network. The software makes sure that every group is unique, so that members meet new people at every lunch.

    As an example, let us say there is a community for IBM at Spotlunch. If there are a 1000 members in the community, every week 250 groups will be created with each group comprising of 4 members. Now, these groups can meet for lunch. If a person attends all scheduled lunches, she would have made more than 150 new friends in a year, creating a strong network within her company.

  • Who is it for?

    Do you like meeting new people? Do you wish to expand your network every single day? Do you believe in the power of networking? Then, Spotlunch is for you!

  • Why should I try it?

    Spotlunch provides something that social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn do not provide - a strong focus on face-to-face interaction. Research shows that face-to-face interaction is essential for creating new friends, whereas virtual social networking sites are great for keeping in touch with existing friends. Give Spotlunch a try, and you will be amazed by the power of face-to-face networking.


  • Tell me more about Spotlunches

    Spotlunches are where people meet, share a conversation and build deeper connections. The software determines the groups for spotluches but people make it interesting! Every spotlunch will have four members, who haven't gone for lunch together through Spotlunch. Members have a week to decide the day and the restaurant of their choice.

    Spotlunch members can select their desired lunch frequency ranging from 'once a week' to 'once a month'. Members can also suspend attending lunches anytime they like.


  • What is a community?

    Spotlunch groups are created within a community. You can have a community based on any common interest. Communities are always local since members have to meet for lunch; unless you want to do a virtual lunch:)

    The creator of the community is assigned as the community manager, although you can have additional community managers.

  • Can I create a community?

    Any Spotlunch member can create a community. Please go here to create a community.

  • How do I join a community?

    The community manager can send you an invite or you could join by going to the community page.

  • Can I restrict membership to the community?

    There are a couple of ways to restrict membership to the community. In a corporate environment, you can enforce that all members have an email that has a particular domain. For example, if your are deploying it in General Motors, the moderator could say that only members with an email id that ends with "" can join the group.

    Secondly, every time somebody joins a community, the moderator has to approve it. Without the moderator's approval, a user cannot join. The only exception to this is when the moderator invites somebody specifically.

My account

  • Can I disable my account?

    Yes. You can deactivate your entire account or you could suspend attending lunches for any of the communities that you are a part of. However, by doing so you will be missing out on Spotlunches!


  • Is Spotlunch secure?

    Yes. We use encryption (SSL) while you login to the site. We do periodic security audits to keep the site secure.

  • Will my information be shared?

    Absolutely not. We use your information only to create optimal lunch groups that will keep you interested in Spotlunch. Please see our privacy policy here.

  • Will people abuse it?

    Spotlunches are organized for groups of four members in safe and open environments like restaurants or cafeterias. We don't share the email or contact information of members of lunch groups. After attending lunches, you can choose if you would like to share your contact information.

    Spotlunch encourages feedback about your experience with lunches. If you notice that somebody is misusing Spotlunches, please report to us and we will take appropriate action.


  • Is Spotlunch free?

    Spotlunch is free for communities that have up to 200 members. If you have more than 200 members in your community, please contact us for pricing.